The FASTKids.me proprietary teaching method combines 50+ years of experience. Our All-Star Team of Specialists teaches kids about food, athletics, safety and tenacity in a fun leveled fitness class. 

We teach youth how to handle urban threats in a fun way!

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  • 5-11 year olds

  • Virtual classes at your convenience
    learn in a group or individually

    *live class locations tba (once safety guidelines are defined)

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teaching method

Our Proprietary Fitness “style” class is Fun, Progressive & Full of Surprises with emphasis on:

  • Self-defence & offence
  • Food as fuel awareness
  • FAST danger crisis management
  • Fright flight fight freeze differentiation
  • Leadership & Confidence development
  • Social competence & conflict resolution through team work

Classes & Features

The P3 Injection system compliments any & all children’s programs, classes, schools and camps

  • No cost set up no training involved
  • Add P3 to existing schedules
  • Attract new customers
  • Prepare your students for life



Email info@fastkids.me
Phone Number 437.980.8631


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North York / 2020
Markham / 2020
Toronto Central / 2020
Toronto West / 2020
CANADA WIDE / 2021 🍁